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How can Nano Silica change the properties of coatings

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Nano silica has lots of properties that conventional materials do not have. The fragment size circulation of nano silica is really slim, a lot of which are within 100 nm, with lots of micropores and also large certain area. There are not just a large number of unsaturated residual bonds and hydroxyl groups in various bonding states on its surface area, so it has high reaction activity. In terms of optical homes, nano-silica reveals high reflection properties to both ultraviolet and also visible light.

How can Nano Silica alter the residential properties of coverings?

Modification of Waterborne Coatings

Prior to including: bad water resistance, inadequate stability, high corrosion to equipment, etc.

After addition: improve the rubbing resistance, stability, deterioration resistance and also various other homes of the coating, and also can provide it anti-bacterial, self-cleaning as well as other results.

Alteration of wall surface finish

Prior to adding: no sun resistance, no water resistance, instability, poor attachment, and so on.

After addition: it can improve the storage space stability, water resistance and sun resistance of the coating, boost the thixotropy of the coating, as well as properly control the spatter, flow hanging and other phenomena in the construction.

Modification of acrylic material paint

Prior to including: inadequate mechanical residential or commercial properties, put on resistance, solidity, versatility, and so on.

After enhancement: the mechanical properties, tensile stamina, solidity, scrubbing resistance and versatility of the film are enhanced, the movie is a lot more fragile as well as smoother, has a much better finish, and also improves the attractive efficiency.

Alteration of varnish

Prior to addition: the firmness of the film is low, the heat resistance is bad, and also it is very easy to turn yellow under the activity of ultraviolet light.

After addition: hard wear resistance, strong attachment, and has moisture resistance, moisture resistance, chemical rust resistance, and so on Nano Silica Price The cost is influenced by

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