The Main Advantages of Nano Diamond Powder In The Field Of Wire Cutting

As the bottleneck of polysilicon raw materials is solved, and the scale effect of domestic polysilicon companies appears, polysilicon production cost control has become the focus of attention of all companies. At present, the sawing process of solar photovoltaic product materials mainly uses free abrasive wire saw cutting technology, which has low cutting efficiency, massive saw blade loss, surface roughness and surface accuracy challenging to control, difficulty in slurry recovery, harsh working environment, and severe environmental pollution And other shortcomings.

As an advanced cutting process, the diamond wire can effectively improve the production efficiency of related products and effectively reduce production costs. The decline of related product costs will continue to expand the application field and bring colossal market demand.

The diamond wire cutting machine is a revolutionary advancement for the solar silicon material cutting industry. Compared with traditional steel wire and mortar cutting methods, diamond wire cutting has many advantages:

1. High cutting efficiency, nearly five times faster

The high cutting efficiency is mainly due to its technical characteristics: the diamond wire reduces the mutual wear between the abrasives, and has high hardness and strong wear resistance; besides, the diamond wire fixed to the diamond wire runs at the same speed as the cutting line, while the free state The running rate of the mortar is lower than the cutting line.

2. Less material loss and high film yield

The diameter of the diamond wire is thinner, and the thin cutting line means lower cut loss, which means that the same silicon block can produce more silicon wafers; the damage layer caused by diamond wire cutting is smaller than that of mortar wire cutting, which is conducive to thinner cutting Silicon wafers; thinner wire diameter and thinner slices are beneficial to reduce material loss and improve the yield of silicon wafers.

3. Less environmental pollution

Mortar cutting will produce a lot of waste mortar for crystalline silicon cutting. The waste mortar contains silicon carbide, polyethylene glycol, silicon powder and metal powder, which poses a more significant environmental threat; the diamond wire uses water-based grinding fluid (mainly water), which is beneficial Improve the working environment and simplify the subsequent processing procedures such as washing.

4. Operating costs are reduced

The capital, space, workforce, and power consumption of diamond wire cutting equipment have been reduced, and the entire production process has been simplified, thereby reducing operating costs.