Niobium disilicide powder NbSi2 cas 12034-80-9

Feature of Niobium disilicide powder


Item other name CAS EINECS molecular weight melting point
NbSi2 Niobium silicide; Niobium disilicide 12034-80-9 234-812-3 149.0774 1940¡æ


Product specification of Niobium disilicide powder

Nano grade£¨99.9%£©£º10nm£¬20nm£¬30nm£¬40nm£¬50nm£¬80nm£¬100nm£¬200nm£¬300nm£¬500nm£¬800nm¡£

Micro grade£¨99.9%£©£º1um£¬3um£¬5um£¬10um£¬20um£¬30um£¬40nm£¬45um£¬75um£¬150um£¬200um£¬300um¡£


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