Nano phosphorus doped Si Silicon powder cas 69012-64-2

Feature of nano phosphorus doped SiO2 Silicon powder

1. Phosphorus, boron-doped hydrogenated nanosilicon (nc-Si: H) films have unique properties such as high conductivity, electroluminescence and photoluminescence at room temperature
2. (Doped phosphorus, nc2Si: H film has a high optical absorption coefficient, the optical band gap between 1.73-1.78eV, and the intrinsic nc2Si: H doped dc2Si: H thin film conductivity of 0.1-10Ω-1 Cm-1, than the intrinsic nc2Si: H increased by two orders of magnitude) can be applied to VLSI, solar, lithium batteries, biomedical and other fields.

3. Size distribution is uniform and size is controllable.
4. The doping amount of P is controlled (2.5%, 5%, 7.5%, 10%).
5. Phosphorus forms a Si-P bond with silicon in the silicon particles and is evenly distributed.
6. The particles are crystalline.


Application of nano phosphorus doped SiO2 Silicon powder

1. Lithium ion battery anode material.

2. Fluorescent labels, biomedical materials.

3. Solar photovoltaic materials.

4. Silicon-based luminescent materials.



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