High Purity Five polyglycerol stearic acid

Five polyglycerol stearic acid Features:

ITEM NO Appearance Purity solubility other name CAS
Five polyglycerol stearic acid-S half solid waxy yellow 99% Soluble in water and ethanol Five polyglycerol stearic acid ester 26855-43-6

Five polyglycerol stearic acid Applications:
1. This product has strong oil emulsification, dispersion, stability, etc.

2. Widely used in cosmetics, food, feed, and lubrication, paint, paint, leather, textile, papermaking, etc.
3. Such as food, milk, drink products of emulsification, dispersion;

Five polyglycerol stearic acid  storage:
This product is a non-dangerous goods.The product has certain moisture absorption, should be in a cool, ventilated place dry seal stored in low temperature.Ban with toxic or harmful substances during storage.Unopened storage period of 24 months.

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