Chromium powder Cr CAS 7440-47-3

Nano Cr chromium powder
Specifications of Chromium Cr powder:

Nano-chromium powder laser beam through a variable current gas-phase process to produce high purity,  uniform particle size, surface structure intact, easily dispersed, large surface area, high surface activity. Because nano-chromium powder with high surface activity and excellent electrical properties and is widely used in the semiconductor, conductive coatings, chemical catalysts and solar absorber.
Applications of Chromium Cr powder
Semiconductors, conductive coatings, chemical catalysts and solar absorber
Package & Storage of Chromium Cr powder
This product is an inert gas antistatic packaging should be sealed and stored in a dry, cool environment, not long-term exposure to air, anti-damp occurred reunion, affect the dispersion properties and effects.

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