Analysis on the prospect of maternal and infant care industry

China Market Report Network released the 2018 China maternal and child life care service industry research analysis and market prospects report that pregnant and infant care services for pregnant women, maternity and newborns, most of them such as “moon child” service is only for babies One month after birth, the service time for a single customer is shorter. This means that companies engaged in the industry are frequently developing new customers. Since the maternal and child market requires more professional service personnel and more demanding service places, and most of them face high-end customers, the maternal and child care enterprises have a large initial investment.

With the increasing of per capita income, Chinese families may be pay more attention to the cultivation of newborns and put more income into fewer children. According to the statistics of Shanghai and Hong Kong, about 33% of household consumption in 2016 was invested in children’s daily consumption. Another increase in the investment in newborns is that households are more inclined to consume high-end brands. On the one hand, consumers are highly loyal to brands, and on the other hand, consumers are less sensitive to prices.